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Love Inspired

Love Inspired Books celebrate wholesome, inspirational romances that enrich the lives of each reader. Whether you love heart-pounding suspense or contemporary heartfelt romances, Love Inspired books have it all!

An Introduction to Amish Romance

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Seeking Dangerous Treasure
by Elizabeth Goddard

Someone is following her. Kelsey Ingram doesn’t know who or why—but she knows she’s no longer safe. It doesn’t matter that she left her past as a Sacramento cop behind, or that she built a fresh start for herself in her late grandmother’s house near Mount Shasta. Trouble has found her—and it’s poised to attack. After she escapes the first brush with danger, she knows the threat is too great to handle on her own. It’s a relief when the deputy called to her aid is an old friend, Hayden Packard…and it’s a thrilling surprise when they uncover long-hidden secrets in her grandmother’s home. But as Kelsey’s feelings for Hayden shift into uncharted territory, her anxiety begins to grow. She doesn’t know if she’s ready to trust again—not even if it’s the only way to stay alive.

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