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Dangerous Justice

When Capitol K-9 Unit's tech guru Fiona Fargo is targeted, she must depend on Officer Chris Torrance to stay alive.

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Society Wedding Secrets
One society wedding of the century to pull off. One week to do it. And one mishap after the other! Good thing Ruby Parker's diary is documenting every scandalous second…

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Irresistible Texans

Texas Rebels: Egan
  • Texas Rebels: Egan
  • Linda Warren
  • Apr 2015
For His Brother's Wife
  • For His Brother's Wife
  • Kathie DeNosky
  • Apr 2015
Reining in Justice
  • Reining in Justice
  • Delores Fossen
  • Apr 2015
The Taming of Delaney Fortune
  • The Taming of Delaney Fortune
  • Michelle Major
  • Apr 2015

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